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20 something girl who writes about music, beauty, fashion, eating and traveling. I mostly write about those feelings I cannot express or say out loud. For me, writing is not only a hobby, but one of the things that keep me sane and down to Earth. The other one is music 😶

Melodia pe repeat #55.

Zodiac playlist: Aquarius.

Over the summer I really got more and more into astrology, although I must say that I already was pretty into the subject. I have written before about my Sun sign on this blog, but I mainly focused on what makes the Aquarius woman an Aquarius woman. For now that post is only available in Romanian, here, but I might take the time to translate it in English and post it once again. 😀

A few days ago I got the idea of creating a YouTube playlist with songs from just Aquarius singers, Aquarius being my Sun sign, as you might already have figured out from the first paragraph.

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Five youtubers I have been binge-watching this summer

Lately I have been spending a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, so today I figured out I could share some of my favourite youtubers with you. 🙂 The past few months have been quite stressful, but this was one of the ways I managed to relieve some of the stress and relax.

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Melodia pe repeat #54.

Voi ce melodie ați avut pe repeat în ultima săptămână?

K-pop lately #30.

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but also other k-pop related stuff.

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K-beauty: Korean beauty brands from A to Z.

Just trying to put together all of the Korean beauty brands I came across (either I only heard about them, or actually tried them out), from A to Z.

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This is what my summer playlist looked like 🍊

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23. Nothing left to break

You could probably
break my heart,
but there
is nothing
left to break.

22. Loser

I finally realized that
you are the loser
in this game,
called love.

I love you,
but you don’t love me back.

I have
nothing to loss,
yet you have
all of this love to lose.

21. Break my heart

I let you
break my heart
so many times
that now
I have so many more pieces
love you with.

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