I don't GOT7 and that got me MAD.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment.

Ok, so you already know I listen to k-pop. I have been talking about all the bands and songs I have on repeat, I have been making inspired by sets on Polyvore, and I also showed you of the merch I managed to buy until now. Before getting so into korean pop, I used to buy albums released by American singers, then I started getting them as presents from people that know and share my love for music.

Now, when I have no friend to share my love for South Korean pop with, I actually have to buy the albums for myself. That’s basically why my wallet gets kind of empty when it’s comeback time for all my favourite South Korean bands.

Up until last month, the band that actually made me spend most of my money on their music was BTS. Even so, I still have a long way to go and I am missing all the albums they released before 2016.

But then again, last month GOT7 came into my life and I knew I will also be spending money on their music. I really like this band and I like the fact that they are still kind of new to k-pop, as they just had their debut last year. I love it when I get the chance to see them grow comeback to comeback, so GOT7 was bound to catch my eye at some point and become one of my favourite South Korean pop bands.

Because I missed the mark when GOT7 released their 3rd Mini Album Just right, I figured it was worth it to get my hands on the newly released 4th Mini Album MAD. I really love the songs, and the concept for this comeback really matches my taste.

Being one of the subscribers for MWave’s newsletter, I saw that they were about to release some signed-by-all-the-members copies of the Mini Album on their website. I have to admit I got all excited and I could not wait to purchase it as soon as it was going to be up for sale.

Being familiar to MEET&GREET projects, I was actually 100% sure that GOT7 was going to take part in one of those projects. That’s why I just sat around waiting like a fool for MWave to announce the date of the event. It was my fault, I did not check if GOT7 was going to be part of a MEET&GREET, but I got used to MWave saving the signed copies for this certain events on their website.

When I finally found out that there was no live broadcast of GOT7, I also found the link to the signed by all the members copy of the album. But surprise, it was already sold out. Of course it was sold out, being up on the website for about two weeks. It would have been a miracle to actually get the chance to find any album left.

The only thing I was actually left with was the money and no signed copy of MAD. I searched for it on eBay, but it was kind of expensive and hard to find, so I just gave up and bought the normal version, with no signature. #betterthannothing

Well, at least I can say it’s a lesson learned, next time I should actually read more carefully the newsletter and try not to get my hopes up too soon. For now I have to wait for GOT7’s next comeback and just hope that MWave will once again have the great idea of selling signed-by-all-the-members copies of the album.

Truth is, I don’t GOT7 and that got me MAD.

I don't GOT7 and that got me MAD.

I feel you Jackson, I feel you.

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