When I look back on 2015, I have to say that one of the things that I am most glad of is the fact that I came across Polyvore. Maybe for some of you it may seem like not such a big deal, but Polyvore was there for me at the right time and the right place.

Polyvore was that place that felt cozy enough to visit after a long day at the office, that kind of day that makes you want to take a vacation for the rest of your life. Once I started making sets or browsing thought the latest trends, all the bad things that happened that day just vanished from my mind.

Polyvore was the perfect way to show everyone my true style, even if I didn’t have the items in my closet or the money to buy them anytime soon. And I will admit, sometimes I just sat there, looking at my screen, thinking about how much I wanted a certain item.

Then, I reminded myself that I either had something like that already, had no money to buy it or that I would simply never actually wear it in real life. Still, there were some items that caught my eye and made it to my wish list, but for most of them I just tried out my luck on Polyvore contests.

I started the year off by falling in love with this one Valentino dress that I used in one of my first sets, but since it costs 9000 bucks or something like that, I had to take my mind out of it. I still have my heart set on it, because the heart wants what it wants, but that’s it.

I then came to my senses and laid eyes on a floral print skirt from Walktrendy, so I tried my luck out on almost every contest that gave it as a prize. I didn’t win it, but I soon forgot about it when I found the prettiest light blue dress I had ever seen, thanks to SheIn (SheInside at the time). There were no contests to win it, or at least I didn’t get invited to any, so I saved it to my wish list and I might just buy it one day.

The next item was something I really wanted to win, more than any other prize that was offered to any of the Polyvore contests I joined before. The Walktrendy print dress made its way to my heart really fast, but never to my closet, because yet again I didn’t win it.

After that I just joined a couple of other contests just for fun, that’s until my major crush on the most stunning Romwe dress I had ever seen. God knows how much I wanted to win that dress, but once again I was out of luck.

Since luck seemed not to be on my side, I decided to take a break from all the contests and focus my attention on my inspired by outfits, but I have to thank all the SK artists that decided to have awesome concept photos for their comebacks. Ok, it was mostly BTS, but let’s just leave it like that.

I did join from time to time a contest or two, but only when I had a little free time and no inspiration for any other sets. That’s actually how I joined the Polyvore contest held by their official account, contest that meant my first 2nd place, but I already told you that story.

Yet, I never stopped trying and trying. If there is something I learned over the last year, it’s that you should never give up on anything, no matter how hard it seems to hold on. Of course, some things just aren’t worth the try and are just a waste of time, but you can figure that out on your own.

I don’t like being a quitter, but then again there are things that do you more harm than good, so you just have to let those things go. I won’t get into this subject; it’s not that kind of post.

That brings me to my latest achievement, because for me it really feels like one. My latest Polyvore crush was this one SheIn skirt, which gave me the perfect excuse to add a little golden sparkle to my outfits. The skirt might not have too much of that, but I can already see myself wearing it with some golden sandals or a pretty golden purse. I seem to have an obsession with gold lately, and since I never actually liked gold, it’s kind of a surprise.

Never mind that, the exciting news of my first Polyvore win came just in time for Christmas, and I have to say that this is my favorite early Christmas present ever. I don’t know if the set that helped me win the skirt is one of my best sets, but I am pretty proud of my little baby. My best set would probably be the one that has over 600 likes, because for me that was also pretty exciting and unexpected.

I’ve have a lot of Polyvore sets that I just love, not that I don’t love each and every set that I make. I do have my favorites, but I guess that’s just something normal when you have created over 500 outfits. But what I love more about my sets is that you can actually see how much I’ve changed, by just putting my first set ever and my latest set together.

Ok, maybe not my first set because that one was inspired by a MV and I made small changes in the meanwhile to make it look prettier. But if you had seen it in its first shape, it looked like I just threw in the first items I found and gave it no thought.

The funny thing is that it actually took me a looot to find the right items; I am going to guess around one hour. But it usually takes me longer to find the right items for the inspired by sets, even if over the last months I started to have more experience and have my tricks to finding them easier that at the very beginning.

I’ll just have to wait and see what my first year with Polyvore will bring me next, because this is only my ninth month with them. But these have been some amazing nine months, with over 37k likes, almost 2k followers and 2 trophies. Maybe for some these numbers are tiny, but for me they mean a lot and I still can’t believe where a simple sign up button got me to.

Early Christmas present: winning 1st place on a Polyvore contest


Early Christmas present
How would you wear this cute skirt from SheIn?