If you were on social media this morning, it was almost impossible not to come across an article about Zayn Malik’s newest song and MV. I came across so many of them in only a couple of minutes that I just had to see what the ex-member of One Direction was up to next.

Ever since I found out about One Direction, because it was kind of hard not to find out about them when you live in Europe, he was my favorite member of the five. That’s why, I must admit that I was kind of surprised and shocked last year, when he decided to leave the band for good. But then again, I wasn’t the biggest fan of One Direction, so I wasn’t heartbroken like all the other fan girls and fan boys of One Direction and Zayn Malik.

I just figured Zayn Malik did what seemed to be best for him and his career, and I was pretty sure that what he was going to release next was going to be completely different from all the songs that were hits back when he was in One Direction.

That was probably one of the main reasons he left the band in 2015, One Direction has a certain style and I guess it would have been pretty awkward to go from their style to what Zayn Malik had in mind for the future. It’s just like in a relationship: when partners have different approaches of the future, it’s pretty clear its best to go their own way.

I mean, I love my bands better when they are together, but that doesn’t mean that if one of the members would decide to leave one day, I would hate on him. Each person has one life to live, so we are more that free to do what feels best for us, even if other people might not agree with our decision. Those that truly support us and love us will stick around us, no matter what.

So, One Direction was left with only four members, releasing new songs and keeping the band together, so everyone was waiting to see Zayn Maliks next move. And that move came this morning, when Zayn Malik released Pillowtalk and the song is already trending.

Nice move if you ask me, I actually like the new Zayn Malik and I feel like this style suits him. The song is catchy, but I feel like it also has that The Weeknd vibe, so it’s that kind of song that you might want to listen to when you want to get in a sensual mood. Of course, I am not saying that he is already as good as The Weeknd when it comes to this kind of music; The Weeknd is the king of music to get you into the mood.

What do you think about this Zayn Malik comeback?