K-pop lately: from WINNER's comeback to being broke because of BTS

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but mostly songs that are stuck in my head and I keep replaying.

I will just let you enjoy all the songs and MVs below, without any chit-chat at all. As you might notice, not all of the songs I picked are recently released, I just happened to come across them just now and felt the need to mention them.

WINNER treats Inner Circle with three new songs and MVs

BIGBANG starts 2016 with a Welcoming Collection

K-pop lately: from WINNER's comeback to being broke because of BTS

Photo credit: YG Entertainment and Ktown4u.

Get a chance to see BTS Live on Stage!

Watch BTS Run for their latest Japanese MV!

NOW 3 is coming soon and BTS is fooling around in Chicago.

I’d like to think that BTS will be Young Forever!

I know, a lot of #BTS.

4Minute and Skrillex sound great even when they Hate

D.O. finally released a full version of Tell me (What is love)!

TEEN TOP’s comeback MV should come with a Warning Sign

(Re)watch GOT7 get real with their 3rd season of Real GOT7

GOT7 and JYPE have all your flight details, are you ready to Fly?

I just have to say that #Defsoul (aka GOT7’s leader Jaebum) did an awesome job with Something good, for me this is the best song from Flight Log: Departure.

Love the aesthetic of the album.

GOT7 Home run for our hearts!

And now a lot of #GOT7.

Doesn’t k-pop just Feel so good now that B.A.P is back?

Taemin is about to Press your number. Will you answer?

Jessi talks about Excessive Love and she does it so damn well.

VIXX’s new song is Dynamite!

Who in Block B would you like to be your Toy?

I guess that all for today, even though I have the feeling I might have forgotten to write about something. There were so many things to talk about; it was hard to keep track of every single comeback that was worth at least a mention.

Do you feel like there is any 2016 comeback I forgot to talk about?