K-pop lately: Dean, where have you been?

If it’s not you first time reading my blog, you probably already know that from time to time I like to write a k-pop lately post. I usually show you some of my favorite comebacks, some of the artists I came to listen to in the mean while, or what new merch is up for sale.

This time I decided to try to simplify things a little bit, since I usually get carried away and ende up writing a lot of things, so no more chitchat from my part. I will throw in some of the most important things that happened to k-pop in the last months, so put on your headphones and enjoy the music.

If Dean is Clyde, I think wouldn’t mind being his Bonnie 🙂

Eureka, I think I just found my favorite songs from ZICO!

GOT7 finally has an official light stick!

My 7th Sense told me NCT U was up to something good.

BTS is on Fire, so someone Save Me!

Monsta X is All In for the latest comeback and they got me Stuck!

Are you a Lucky One or a Monster?

#WYD, have you heard iKON’s new song?

I can’t seem to escape Tiffany’s Heartbreak Hotel.

AKMU shows us How people move to their funky groove!

I ain’t even gonna L.I.E, my reaction to EXID’s new song was priceless.

Jay Park might just be my second favorite Solo artist!

YG debuts BLACKPINK and their song got me to Whistle all day long!

HyunA is back, How’s this?

B.A.P has new song and That’s my jam!

MYNAME is coming to Romania in less than a month!

Just so you know, 24K is Still 24K!

BTS is releasing a Summer Package, but I am too broke for it.

These were my picks, but please let me know if there is any other comeback that I haven’t mentioned and you think that I should totally check. Or band for the matter, I am looking for new songs to give a listen to.