K-pop lately: Now I also got into SEVENTEEN!

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but mostly songs that are stuck in my head and I keep replaying.

I will just let you enjoy all the songs and MVs below, without any chit-chat at all. As you might notice, not all of the songs I picked are recently released, I just happened to come across them just now and felt the need to mention them.

B I N G O, 24K is Still 24K no matter what!

Holup, it just Hit me that Bobby and Mino made an unit!

ToppDogg sure have THE BEAT that I like!

I tried not to get into another band, but SEVENTEEN is Very nice!

CL is Lifted for her debut in the USA!

GOT7 and IGOT& Hard Carry Flight Log: Turbulence!

EXO hits the Lotto for their latest comeback.

I can’t Stay if BLACKPINK keeps Playing with fire!

SHINee is back with a 90s vibe and a cassette tape

Stuck after going All in, Monsta X is still a Fighter

Block B BASTARZ Make it rain for a Selfish & beautiful girl

BTS wins 21st century girl(s) with Blood sweat & tears

Hey Mama, EXO-CBX just ruined my bias list!

TWICE made everyone like TT!

B.A.P’s latest MV for Skydive is more of a short movie

2016 MAMA in Hong Kong are about to happen, so vote here for your favorites!

Is there any comeback I missed and I should totally check out?