K-pop lately: NCT is slaying my playlist right now!

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but mostly songs that are stuck in my head and I keep replaying.

I will just let you enjoy all the songs and MVs below, without any chit-chat at all. As you might notice, not all of the songs I picked are recently released, I just happened to come across them just now and felt the need to mention them.

My crush on NCT 127 is ‘Limitless‘, but that’s a ‘Good Thing’!

CLC’s ‘Hobgoblin‘ is my new jam!

First it was ‘Bae Bae‘, then ‘Baby Baby‘, now it’s ‘BeBe‘!

There is no denying who ‘My First and Last‘ bias in NCT Dream is! 😳

Jaebum might be my GOT7 bias, but Defsoul is my soulmate!

Block B is giving out such a good vibe with ‘Yesterday‘!

This is not ‘Goodbye‘, it’s ’till we meet again.

FXXK IT‘, I’m gonna miss BIGBANG!

OMG‘, why didn’t I know about Seo In Guk until now?

It’s time for SEVENTEEN to ‘Highlight‘ a new subunit!

Suzy is torn between ‘Yes No Maybe‘.

Still in 24K or not, BIGONE is back with ‘Rukawa‘.

Jooheon shows he’s got ‘Rhythm‘ with a fresh mixtape.

I think it’s safe to say that Red Velvet ain’t a ‘Rookie‘ group anymore!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s about time for GOT7’s ‘Flight Log: Arrival‘!

It’s only February, but BTS got me dreaming about a ‘Spring Day‘.