K-pop lately

K-pop lately: I should have listened to DAY6 since day 1!

K-pop lately: I should have listened to DAY6 since day 1!

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but mostly songs that are stuck in my head and I keep replaying.

I will just let you enjoy all the songs and MVs below, without any chit-chat at all. As you might notice, not all of the songs I picked are recently released, I just happened to come across them just now and felt the need to mention them.

How can I say, thank God for giving JYP the idea of making DAY6.

Everyone in Monsta X is so Beautiful, my bias list is ruined.

Someone might break our record someday, but Not Today.

GOT7 is Never Ever gonna let go of IGOT7!

Not that I’m being biased, but this is ‘s era.

Spring made a comeback with BTSs first stage at M COUNTDOWN!

I love ‘s voice so much, I’d marry it.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy GOT7’s FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL!

I was sleeping on B.A.P, but this comeback managed to WAKE ME UP.

I saw an Angel. He’s part of NCT 127. #cheesy.

Sorry Charlie Puth, but Jungcook is slaying We don’t talk anymore.

(*Not a typo, I know it’s Jungkook.)

TWICE: Baby, KNOCK KNOCK knock knock on my door.

JYP: , it’s just me.

I Take it MVP is a new band?

Here’s a Change of scenery, Rap Monster and Wale dropped a colab!

Find every MOVIE that inspired BTOB for their latest MV!

If you Don’t Recall K.A.R.D, you should really hit that play button!

Jellyfish Entertainment, could A Girl Like Me join gugudan?

They see Brave Girls Rollin’, they hatin’.

Freal Luv, is that Chanyeol I heard on the radio?

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