K-pop lately: Truth is, I REALLY REALLY missed WINNER!

K-pop lately: Truth is, I REALLY REALLY missed WINNER!

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but mostly songs that are stuck in my head and I keep replaying.

I will just let you enjoy all the songs and MVs below, without any chit-chat at all. As you might notice, not all of the songs I picked are recently released, I just happened to come across them just now and felt the need to mention them.

I really was a Fool for thinking Song Mino and WINNER wouldn’t find a way to climb up my bias list once again.

Truth is, I REALLY REALLY missed WINNER!

Don’t know what’s more Beautiful, the acoustics or Monsta X.

Just GOT7 being GOT7’s biggest fanboys!

I have to admit Paradise is my favorite song from Flight Log: Departure.

If you were waiting for a Sign, this is it!

It’s about Time you hit play on that song JeongUk just released!

Music is the type of Ars* that can cure any TRAUMA.

This playlist is Def. gonna become a Bad Habit and I am so gonna Sin.

Yugyeom, I didn’t know that’s The way you are!

I could listen to Sunmi’s song for 24 hours and not get tired of it.


Girl’s Day: What’re you doing right now?

Replay button: Don’t worry, I’ll be yours.

Who are you in the House of ARMY?

Started from the bottom, now we here.


I’m Serious, I love DAY6!

Irene, why Would U do that to my playlist?

My heart goes like WEE WOO for PRISTIN’s new song.

It can’t just be a Lucky Strike, Dreamcatcher’s English is so on point.

Dreamcatcher will probably Chase Me and my playlist.

Plz don’t be sad, BEAST is back with a brand new name!

It’s a Good Night, Dreamcatcher is back with a new song!

Taeyeon, Make me love you again.

That moment when the MV is kinda strange, but the song is good.

I know nothing about SBGB, but I love the chill vibe of this song.

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