I walked in,
as I always do,
just looking for you,
but you
weren’t there.

I felt like
one of those kids
that gets lost,
yet somehow is not scared.

Deep down,
that kid knows
everything will be alright
and his parents will eventually find him.

I did feel
and alone,
even though I was surrounded
by a crowd of people,
and also a few familiar faces.

I had no idea why
this was happening to me,
or why I was feeling
how I was feeling,
but for a moment there
I panicked.

All I could do
was think to myself:
what if you left,
to never come back?

What if
I were to never
see you
ever again?

What if
you just left
without a warning,
or without even
saying goodbye?

Then I
turned around
and saw your face.

All of a sudden,
I felt really happy
and relieved,
as I had never
ever felt
in my whole life.

That’s when
I knew.

I knew that
I was
for good.

That was the moment
I just knew
there was no way
I could ever
give up on you.