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Zodiac playlist: Aquarius.

Over the summer I really got more and more into astrology, although I must say that I already was pretty into the subject. I have written before about my Sun sign on this blog, but I mainly focused on what makes the Aquarius woman an Aquarius woman. For now that post is only available in Romanian, here, but I might take the time to translate it in English and post it once again. 😀

A few days ago I got the idea of creating a YouTube playlist with songs from just Aquarius singers, Aquarius being my Sun sign, as you might already have figured out from the first paragraph. After doing my research on Aquarius singers and being done with creating the actual Aquarius playlist, I thought I could also create a playlist for my Scorpio Moon, simply because why not?

Since I already got sucked into the idea and I actually enjoy quite a lot doing this kind of research, I will try to create a playlist for every single zodiac sign out there. Staying true to my Sun sign, I will start with the playlist I created for Aquarius, then continue with the Scorpio one.

I will then get back on track and stay more organized, going from Aries to Pieces. To be honest, I already did my research over the weekend, so I have an idea on how all of the playlists are going to look like. As you can tell, I really wasn’t joking around when I said that I really got sucked into this idea.

Since Aquarius is my Sun sign, for this sign I will try to add some comments on why I think the singers and songs below are a good representation of us. Cannot promise that I will be able to do the same for every single zodiac sign out there, but I will try to pick some of the best songs I can think of from those singers.


Adam Lambert

Born January 29th.

I would have went with this song of Adam Lambert, which is my all time favourite song from him, but I then switched my mind and decided to go for a live performance. You can totally tell he is a performer from his MVs, but then he is the same when performing live, on stage. He brings the same amount of energy, charisma, sass and nonchalance, which scream Aquarius Sun.


Alicia Keys

Born January 25th.

Later on you will hear me rant about the fact that I like the idea of living a lavish life, the bad and boujee kind, but until then I should let you know that I am also a hopeless romantic. A hopeless romantic, with a dirty mind, that is.

A part of me wants to have the finer things in life, but the other part knows that they mean nothing if you don’t have someone to share them with. I feel like we, as a society, have gotten to a point where being in love is considered to be a weakness. Which, in my humble Aquarian opinion, is total bullshit.

Love happens. Being in love is a feeling that is greater than us. We might like to think otherwise, but we don’t really get to decide if it happens or not to us.

Keep in mind that we don’t get to decide who we fall in love with. We also don’t get to decide who we fall out of love with. Love happens because it’s a feeling humans have and it’s what got us all here, where we are right now.

If anyone thinks you are weak for loving something or someone, you should not spend time trying to make up their mind. Once they will finally fall in love, in the bigger sense of the word, they will understand they don’t really have a saying when it comes to this feeling. It happens, man, just embrace it.

When it comes to this Aquarian right here, Alicia Keys sings about the kind of love I am hoping to feel someday. I don’t think I have felt it yet, but I don’t negate the idea of ever finding that someone that makes me feel in love.

I am pretty sure Aquarians, women or men, are the type of people that will fall in love at first sight. Because when you know, you know. 🙂


Ava Max

Born February 16th.

Do I consider myself to be sweet, but a little bit psycho? Shocking or not, I kinda of do. To be honest, I don’t really know if this is indeed a trait of an Aquarius woman (might be more of a trait of my Scorpio Moon), but I am extremely jealous and I want what’s mine to be only mine.

I like it when people are loyal to me, and I take loyalty to the extreme. I consider myself to be as loyal as one could get, and I ask of people to pay me back with the same amount of loyalty. Most of the friendships I have lost up until now, I lost because I felt like people didn’t value me and because those people made it seem like they could as well go off without me in their lives.

How would I react if someone were to betray me or cheat on me? At that point I would probably feel so disappointed, I would do anything in my powers to pull out of that relationship. No matter how much that would hurt me. Loyalty is one of the most important traits I search for in other people, and it would be impossible to rebuild my trust in someone who disappointed me.

I would much rather let go of the relationship and the person. I would maybe give them a second chance if they had the courage to admit they were in the wrong, but they would be walking on thin ice from that moment on.

Does that make me a psycho? Please let me know.



Born February 7th.

If you aren’t Romanian, you maybe haven’t heard about her. Delia is the one Aquarius woman that first comes to mind, when I think of the best representation of this zodiac sign. She is one of the most popular female singers from Romania, and she has gotten to that point where she is so succesful she can do whatever she pleases, personal life and career wise.

She stands out among other female Romanian singers, and I truly believe it’s because of the Aquarius Sun. For me, she is the textbook Aquarian woman.

Her bubbly personality is the first thing that makes you guess she is born under one of the air signs. Then you see some of her videos. Maybe this one, this one, or this one. At this point, it becomes pretty clear that only an Aquarian woman would ever be able to pull off such ideas, with a carefree attitude.

I think that’s what makes her an obvious Aquarian, the fact that she really doesn’t seem to care what other people think about her or the way she lives the life. She enjoys being herself, and that’s the only thing than truly matters to her.


Ed Sheeran

Born February 17th.

I never pictured Ed Sheeran as being an Aquarius, I thought of him as being more of a water sign (Cancer or Pieces, was pretty sure he is not a Scorpio).

The song I decided to go with from him might come as a shock for every single person out there, probably thinking there is no way in hell an Aquarian could be antisocial. Sometimes we are. It depends on our mood.

Sure, we like to socialize and talk a lot, but there are times when we only feel comfortable talking to people we actually know and are friends with. As an Aquarius, I can say that I can go from extremely sociable to antisocial in a matter of seconds. I sometimes do that when talking to the same person, if they do or say something that seems off to me.

Being sociable af, we know exactly what questions to ask. We usually ask others so many questions, that we already know which questions determine if you are worth our time or not.  Sometimes we socialize for the fun of it, even if we already asked the questions that had to be asked and we came to the conclusion that we are never ever speaking to that person ever again.

Sorry, it’s just that socializing is in our nature. It’s probably not you, it’s the Aquarian. There is no reason to feel like it’s your fault if it seemed like everything was heading in the right direction, but you won’t get an Aquarians phone number or a date with them. They know if you are a right fit for them in a matter of minutes. If you aren’t, you won’t get a second chance. Maybe as a friend, they will most certainly let you know if you are getting friendzoned.


J. Cole

Born January 28th.

Hands down, J. Cole is one of my favourite artists ever, and the first of three I share a birthday with from this list. For this Aquarian playlist, I could have probably went with his song titled January 28th. Which, let’s just face it, would have been too much of an obvious choice. I have to admit that I feel like the song above is the one that speaks the most to me, so it was the perfect choice.

What I like most about J. Cole, other than his music, is the fact that he is very private about his life. This is the one trait of his that I can relate to the most.

Aquarians aren’t ones to like people’s nose all up in their business, so I feel like they fit into that category of people that don’t mix pleasure with business. They of course stay true to themselves, but at the same time draw a fine line between who they are when in public and who they are in the comfort of their home.


Justin Timberlake

Born January 31st.

I feel like Justin Timberlake has been around the music industry ever since I started listening to music. Come to think about it, that is actually true.

Aquarians that love what they do and do what they love, that’s the one category we should put JT in. Well, Aquarians usually find a way to do what they love doing, because that’s what drives them in life. Passion. When we are truly passionate about something, it’s pretty clear for everyone else to see.

When I think about Justin Timberlake, I think about an Aquarius who has been passionate enough about his work, that he managed to make a name of himself in over twenty years. He was just as succesful when he was part of a team (back when he was a member of a boy band in the 90s), as he is now, on his own.


Karol G

Born February 14th.

Coincidence or not (although I am not one to believe in coincidences), the hottest presence on this list is born the day we celebrate love. I case anyone had any doubts, Aquarians can be just as hot as Leos or Scorpios, but most of us keep that trait to ourselves and only share it with the few chosen ones.

Being so inventive and so open to trying new things and exploring new teritories, the Aquarian woman is one of the females of the zodiac you could never get bored of spending time with. If you think otherwise, you probably had the misfortune to meet the one Aquarian who is the exception to the rule.

I feel like we ourselves get bored extremely quick, that’s probably one of the reasons we always have to come up with new ideas. It might be easy to catch our eye, but it’s just as hard to keep us interested in something or someone.



Born February 11th.

Khalid is one of the newer artists to join the Aquarius team, but he is doing a pretty good job stepping into everyone else’s shoes. He is still pretty young, and I must admit I was surprised to find out he is only 21 years old.

He seems to be a pretty humble and down to Earth person, traits that I think made him gain the appreciation of other artists and of his fans. He gives out that vibe of a laid back person, the type you would like to befriend and hangout with on a daily basis. But at the same time, one that’s focused on his work.



Born January 28th.

I cannot say that I was shocked, not even surprised to find out that me and Maluma share a birthday, I for one can totally see why we do. I feel like Maluma sings about the side of myself I try to hide deep inside, that side of myself I would probably only share with my significant other.

I don’t know about other Aquarian women or men, but I myself have a hidden sensual side. That type of subtile sensuality that comes from within, which I don’t usually share with people other than the one person I actually feel confortable sharing it with, in private. That’s when I feel confortable enough to be as sensual as Maluma is in his lyrics, and I think that’s the Aquarian way.

I feel like Aquarians are very private people. I for one hate PDA and would never ever showcast my relationship in front of other people, not even my inner circle. There’s things that should only be done in private, because they are intimate moments that should only be shared with your SO.

Sharing those moments in public makes me feel like they lose meaning, but that might just be me. After all, Aquarians came on Earth from other planet and don’t really give a damn about what humans think about them. 🙂


Rick Ross

Born January 28th.

We have reached the third singer/rapper I share a birthday with, and I am thrilled that there are three artists born on January 28th on this list. Each one of them is unique in his own way, but one of the main reasons I included a Rick Ross song in this Aquarius playlist (except sharing a birthday with him, obviously) has to do with the fact that I kind of like the idea of a lavish lifestyle.

Being an Aquarius and loving to socialize in general, I like the idea of being the life of the party. I enjoy having fun and maybe being a little bad and boujee from time to time. I feel like Rick Ross is the embodiment of that side of my Aquarian Sun, so I just had to add Purple Lambourghini to the playlist.


Robbie Williams

Born February 13th.

Honestly speaking, I don’t really listen to Robbie Williams on a daily, or even regular basis. Even so, he is one of the most succesful Aquarius artists I could think about when I started putting together this playlist. That’s when I knew there was no way I could not include one of his songs.

I am not sure if it’s just because of my Aquariuan Sun, or it has to do with every other zodiac sign in my chart, but this song of his perfectly describes my view on love. I must admit that I tend to fall in love very easy and quick, but most times I just as quick fall out of love. I get a lot of crushes, but deep inside I dream about finding that one person that will make me fall head over heels.

Although we love to socialize and meet new people, I really think that, once an Aquarius has his mind and heart set on someone, they are in it for the long run.



Born February 2nd.

Since we have Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams and Shakira on this Aquarius playlist, I think that by now it’s safe to say that Aquarians are the type of artists that are made for a long and succesful career in the music industry.

When I think of these three artists in particular, I think of the fact that they were consequent and that they invested their time and energy in building their career step by step. As an Aquarian myself, I can tell you that I am very driven by the desire of growing and becoming better at my job.

Shakira is one the female artists that begun her career back in the 90s, yet somehow managed to stay relevant in an industry that keeps evolving and demanding change. She is keeping up with the evolution of the music industry and with what the general public wants to hear on the radio, staying fresh.


The Weeknd

Born February 16th.

I first listened to a The Weeknd song long before he became popular (2012 maybe), back when I considered him and his songs to be extremely underrated.

The first songs he released are my favourite songs of his (I absolutely love What you need, Twenty Eight and The morning), and I even have the vinyl version of House of Balloons. These first songs from The Weeknd are the songs that I feel like have the Aquarian vibe, but then again so do his most recent releases.

I think that The Weeknd is the perfect example of the Aquarian who gets so hung up on a feeling, he feels it with every single atom in his body. Either we are speaking of an addiction, love or pleasure in its physical form, his songs are the perfect way an Aquarian can put these feelings out there.



Born January 23rd.

Including a song from XXXTENTACION in this Aquarius playlist might come as a surprise for some of you, maybe even for some Aquarians out there.

Truth is, I sometimes feel like Aquarius is the hidden water sign of the zodiac (it’s in the name of our sign after all). Most of the time, we are bubbly people on the outside, always wearing a smile on our face, even when we are extremely sad on the inside. But trust me, an Aquarian gets really down when he is down. There is no in between for us. We are either in the best of moods, or the worst.

Being the social butterflies of the zodiac (title shared with our fellow air signs Gemini and Libra), it’s kind of hard to tell that we can get this depressed, but we do. For me, it’s the people around me who can bring me up or down, probably because of the Aquarian need of having someone to talk to. We love to talk it out, even though we aren’t ones to share our deepest thoughts.

When sad, we just love to talk about stuff. No matter the subject, just as long as it’s something that could take our mind off sadness. We don’t like to stay sad, because it’s in our nature to socialize, make friends, cheer other people up.

What artist and song of his would you add to this playlist?

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