I am twenty something girl that loves beauty, fashion and music.

I cannot imagine how my life would look like without music, and its understandable since I spend most of my day with headphones in my ears. In case you wonder what sharing a earplug with me would be like, here you can find some of the songs I keep on repeat.

I find a shopping spree to be the best medicine for a bad day or a bad mood, even though my closet will soon have no spare space for any new clothes.

I am a social media addict and tech lover, always trying to keep up with all the changes in these fields. Online you can find me on Polyvore, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I am from Romania, a beautiful country in Eastern Europe.

I have a thing for fashion design and writing. Someday I might decide to go ahead and write my own book, or maybe even lauch my own clothing line, who knows. When I was a little girl I used to design clothes for my Barbie dolls, using material from those clothes that I could no longer wear because they wouldn’t fit me anymore.

I am the type of girl, and I am pretty sure that there are many other girls just like me, that can’t define herself or her style in just one word. I like being myself, whatever that means, and I try as many different styles as I can. I am always changing, evolving, experimenting.

As for my blog, I think it will be hard for it to fit a certain category. I will write about beauty products, music, fashion, travel, food and any other topic that I will feel the need to talk about.

My goal is to tell the story of all the products that I just love to use; clothes, accesories and shoes that I just love to wear; or simply things that I just love. I hope to reach a point in which I can stand out and say that I finally have my own style. A style that can be defined as unique and, who knows, maybe a style that will inspire others someday.

Save your blowout with a cute pom pom beanie ☔ polyv.re/2idnPl1 (Look by the92liner)

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