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#TheNightWeMet, poem no. 2

I was sure
you wouldn’t undestand what my name is,
he said
the night we met.

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#TheNightWeMet, poem no. 1

Let’s light one up,
I said,
looking at the beautiful stranger
standing right in front of me,
holding a pack of cigarettes.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 8

That morning
I suddenly understood that
you came in my life
out of nowhere,
right when I needed you
the most.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 7

That morning
you told me to move on
and give up on you,
and I did.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 6

That morning
you told me I should
feel less
and be more like you.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 5

Like I told you
so many other times,
I saw something in you
when I first noticed
your face.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 4

not that often lately,
I think about you
and wonder.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 3

That morning
you kissed me on the lips,
right before you walked out my door.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 2

That morning
you told me
you were leaving,
and I let you go.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 1

That morning
you asked me
if I ever feel lonely
and I said I don’t.

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