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Living The Most Beautiful Moment in Life with BTS (pt. 2, peach version)

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life with BTS (pt. 2, peach version)

Jungkook photo card, ITMFL pt. 2, peach version

Haven’t done an unboxing in a while, so it was about time for one. Continue reading

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Living The Most Beautiful Moment in Life with BTS (pt. 1, white version)

Jin photo card, ITMFL pt. 1

Mă uit în urmă și încă nu-mi vine să cred cam cât de mult s-au schimbat cei de la BTS în ultimii doi ani. Dacă în perioada The Most Beautiful Moment in Life trupa începea timid să vândă mai multe albume, acum fiecare album se vinde ca pâinea caldă.

Unde mai pui că anul trecut au câștigat premii pe care cred că nu se așteptau nici ei să le câștige, iar anul ăsta sunt nominalizați la premiile Bilboard alături de artiști ca Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande sau Selena Gomez. Adevărul e că fac o treabă pe cinste pe social media, și chiar ar merita să câștige titlu de Top Social Artist. 🙂 Continue reading

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Unboxing EXO’s Korean Version of Exodus, Sehun cover

Unboxing EXO’s Exodus (2nd Album, Korean Version) Sehun cover

Another week, another unboxing post. It probably was about time I talked about an EXO album, since EXO is actually one of the first South Korean bands I got into at the very beginning of 2015.

The story of how I discovered this particular band starts with the 2014 MAMA Awards, when I first saw Oh Sehun during the performance of Born Hater by Epik High and all the other artists that were sharing a stage with them. I remember that the EXO K member caught my eye, and that was the moment I knew I wanted to know his name and if he is part of any South Korean band.

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Unboxing another BTS album: Young Forever, day version

BTS's 'Young Forever', day version

Young Forever, day version

Since I haven’t done too many k-pop related unboxings lately, I figured out it’s about time I started doing them more often. I have been adding merch to my collection over the past months, but I never seem to get a chance to take pictures or record a video when opening the package.

I usually get really excited when I pick up the packages from the Post Office and open them as soon as I get in the car or as I ride the bus on my way home. I like to make sure that they are safe and sound, but I also check for photo cards and other stuff that the seller might gift with the merch I bought.

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Unboxing: BIGBANG’s 2016 Welcoming Collection

Unboxing: BIGBANG's 2016 Welcoming Collection

Pentru că au trecut câteva luni de la ultimul unboxing, astăzi am zis că a venit momentul să vă arăt BIGBANG’s 2016 Welcoming Collection. Aveam postarea asta în plan de multă vreme, dar am tot amânat-o. Am făcut câteva poze și în momentul în care am desfăcut pachetul pentru prima dată, însă nu am fost mulțumită de rezultat.

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