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#ThatMorning, poem no. 11

For the first time
in a long time,
I felt like my house
was a home.

I felt like
you were a home.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 10

That morning
was the morning I realized
you annoy
the fuck out of me.

You annoy the fuck out of me
when you flash that smile of yours
that somehow always manages
to turn me upside down.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 9

That morning
you made me remember
why I had
shut myself
from feelings.

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#TheNightWeMet, poem no. 3

it would have been better
for the both of us
if that November night
we had remained
two strangers for each other.

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Melodia pe repeat #56.

Voi ce melodie ați avut pe repeat în ultima săptămână?

#TheNightWeMet, poem no. 2

I was sure
you wouldn’t undestand what my name is,
he said
the night we met.

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#TheNightWeMet, poem no. 1

Let’s light one up,
I said,
looking at the beautiful stranger
standing right in front of me,
holding a pack of cigarettes.

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CLC - No

K-pop lately #25.

As you know by now, from time to time I like to show you some of my favourite comebacks, but also other k-pop related stuff.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 8

That morning
I suddenly understood that
you came in my life
out of nowhere,
right when I needed you
the most.

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#ThatMorning, poem no. 7

That morning
you told me to move on
and give up on you,
and I did.

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