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January 18th

There’s just one place
that feels like home
for me
and that place is
in your eyes.

you look at me
I feel safe,
like nothing and nobody
in this world
could do me harm.

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January 2nd

You once asked me
what I want to do with my life.

Truth is, when I am old,
I want to have absolutely no regrets.

My biggest regret,
would be losing you
and knowing that I
did not fight all the fights
and use all the weapons.

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January 1st

We looked at each other
as if we both knew
we are bad
for each other.

but at the same time,
as if we both knew
we are good
for each other.

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28. Love or lust

She asked,
is what
I feel for you
love or lust?

my dear,
he answered.

You cannot feel love,
without a little bit of lust.

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27. The saddest part

I guess
that the saddest part
is that someday
you will die,
and I will die,
and we will never
see each other
ever again.

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26. Surprised

I will break your heart,
he said.

I will be surprised if you find something left to break,
she replied.

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25. Loved

You sit there
just looking at me,
staring right into my green eyes,
with your dark
black eyes.

Not even for a second,
do you turn to look the other way.

And that
is one of the moments
when I feel loved.

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24. Cry

I’m gonna cry
until there is no tear
and no feeling
feft inside of me.

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23. Nothing left to break

You could probably
break my heart,
but there
is nothing
left to break.

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22. Loser

I finally realized that
you are the loser
in this game,
called love.

I love you,
but you don’t love me back.

I have
nothing to loss,
yet you have
all of this love to lose.

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